Introducing Forage First® GS

Between exercise, hauling, stall confinement, intermittent feeding, and high concentrate levels, an estimated 90% of all performance horses experience gastric distress which can negatively affect performance, behavior, and overall health. Performance horses endure all kinds of stressors which can lead to a suboptimal gastric environment. Forage First® GS is a gastric support supplement from ADM that provides the nutritional support today’s performance horses need for optimal gastric health. Its unique triple action blend of ingredients supports a healthy gastric pH while helping protect and strengthen the stomach lining.

Product Research

An estimated 60-90% of all performance horses suffer from ulcers and/or gastric discomfort, with the greatest prevalence in race horses. Although the primary therapy for EGUS is gastric acid suppression, researchers J.M. Lattimer, B. Whitaker, and M. Barrett compiled a case report to determine the effect of Forage First® GS on gastric ulcer scores in mature horses. On initial gastroscopy, each participant was diagnosed with grade 2 ulcers of the lesser curvature and pyloris. After 30 days of consuming Forage First® GS, gastric ulceration scores decreased in all participants and ulcers were completely resolved in three of the six horses.

Feeding Directions & Intended Use

Feed at a rate of 15 g per 100 lb of body weight per meal or snack. An average horse weighing 1,000 lb should receive 0.33 lb per meal. For best results, feed this product in 3 to 4 meals/snacks per day. Do not exceed 4 meals/snacks per day at the recommended rate. This product is not a complete feed, additional supplementation and clean, palatable water is required.

Forage First® GS is a unique supplement designed for equine to provide nutritional support for gastrointestinal health. While Forage First® GS is designed to help the performance horse that is in training, showing, or is being hauled regularly, it can be fed to any equine who may have poor gastric health.

CAUTION: This feed contains copper. Do not feed to sheep or other copper sensitive species. Follow label directions. Feeding added selenium at levels in excess of 0.3 ppm in the total diet is prohibited.

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