Raise the bar in functional nutrition

Today’s wellness-seeking consumers are passionate about embracing health in many aspects of their lives, starting with customizing their nutrition. Rooted in compelling science, our biotics line is designed for you to unlock growth across a spectrum of emerging wellness needs—from skin health to metabolic wellness. Our proprietary microbiome solutions are here to bring evolution to your brand, across virtually any application in food, beverage, dietary supplement, specialized nutrition, and healthcare.

Advanced microbiome nutrition with an edge

Our microbiome solutions are crafted for brands with a mission to evolve the functional nutrition world with distinctive health and wellness attributes anchored in science. Our proprietary strains and blends help define what biotics can deliver beyond digestive health—in emerging areas such as mind health, exercise recovery, and weight management—so we can help you develop innovative products in the dietary supplement space.

Unlock the power of postbiotics

ADM’s proprietary postbiotic technology creates the next wave of opportunity for food and beverage brands to meet evolving wellness needs of consumers, without compromising taste, texture or functionality. Our microbiome solutions are powered by ADM’s broad, world-class pantry and technical ingenuity, so we can partner with you in developing fully formulated, winning innovations.

Discover health and wellness 2.0

Partner with ADM to create next generation nutritional products with our award-winning, science-driven health and wellness solutions ranging from functional botanicals to market-leading Fibersol®, that complement our unique microbiome range of pro-, post-, and synbiotics.

Future-forward nutrition, fueled by science.
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