Global Consumer Trends Fueling Growth in 2022

Challenging global forces, changing lifestyles, and growing uncertainties amidst a pandemic made 2021 another disruptive year for consumers and businesses alike. ADM's proprietary Global Consumer Trends research can help you understand what it takes to get ahead in an ever-evolving marketplace.

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Top Trends Fueling Global Growth

Nourishment for the Whole Self

Consumers are connecting what they eat to how they feel. An increasing focus on mental and emotional health are at the forefront of consumer food and beverage choices, as they seek support for their holistic well-being.

Plant-Based Lifestyles

A flexitarian approach to eating has become mainstream, as consumers look to functional, wholesome plant-based nutrition to support healthy, environmentally friendlier lifestyles.

Microbiome as the Root of Wellness

Consumers are increasingly connecting the health of their microbiome to their overall wellness and seeking personalized foods and ingredients that support gut health, for short- and long-term well-being.

Humanization of Pets

Challenged by changing lifestyles and a return to work, pet parents strive to proactively support the physical and mental well-being of these family members.

Sustainable Goodness

Consumers see sustainability as a moral imperative, as they connect it to what is right and ethical, their community and the environment.

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