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With groundbreaking color

You can achieve a rainbow, when you dip into our palette of Colors from Nature®. Anticipate the next color trend and delight consumers with unsurpassed colors derived from nature, created through proprietary extractions and blending techniques.

Give blue the green light

Make your brand stand out with colors that pop. Whether it's vivid blue, deep purple, rich brown or earthly green, you need a naturally sourced blue to create all these colors. ADM Colors from Nature® offers the industry's only patented, acid-, light- and heat-stable blue color derived from huito fruit juice, making it possible to achieve various shades of blue, green, purple and brown from a natural source for a variety of applications.

Crystal-clear technology

ADM Colors from Nature® has the industry-leading expertise in emulsion technology. With our patented clear emulsion technology, we're able to transform the intrinsic solubility of natural raw materials into easy-to-use color emulsions without opacity, so our colors may be used across a wide range of applications, where transparency is required. Partner with ADM for solutions using our range of patented clear emulsions to create products consumers will crave.

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